Support Services Staff

Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson

Miss Kendra Program Counselor

Katy Berglund
Licensed School Counselor

Maria Hartwell

Licensed School Social Worker / Homeless Liaison
Jim Kilkenny
Jim Kilkenny
Specialized Ed. Services & Support
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy
Facilities & Transportation Coordinator
Nina SeversonNina Severson
School Psychologist
Glover S
Glover Smith
Lead Driver / Specialized Student Services
Grace ID Pic
Grace Stewart
Mindfulness Specialist
Mary Whitney
Mary Whitney
Equity and Cultural Liaison / Trauma & Restorative Practice Coach

North Psychology has partnered with Paladin Career & Technical High school in order to provide school-based therapy options to students. Paladin staff members can help connect students with the North Psychology team by completing a referral form. If student would like to begin paperwork before meeting with the therapist they can pick up a North Psychology folder at the front desk.

One of three therapists are on site at Paladin every day:

Mondays & Thursdays
Text: 320-434-1356

IMG_3514 (1)
Tuesdays & Fridays
Text: 763-220-1975

A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12