Education Staff

Education Team – Acceleration*

Tanna Rittmaster
Tanna Rittmaster
Team Lead / Acceleration Coordinator / Youth Studies Specialist

Deonne Brady-Morgan
Deonne Brady-Morgan
Special Ed. Services Coordinator / Language Arts Specialist

Amanda Tkaczik
Specialized Student Services

*Acceleration is a program that all incoming Paladin students participate in, preparing them to be successful in their time at Paladin.

Education Team – Quad One

John K
John Klockeman
Team Lead / Student Success Coordinator / Math Specialist

John Coleman
Student Success Coordinator / Licensed School Counselor / Math Specialist / 504 Coordinator
Sam RSamantha Ross
Student Success Coordinator /  Social Studies Specialist
Ejay Seiler
Restorative Practices Coordinator / Specialized Student Services
Alex Lecy Small
Alex Lecy
Student Success Coordinator / Social Studies Specialist
Patrick Seka
Patrick Seka
Student Success Coordinator/ Specialized Student Services / Restorative Practice Specialist

Education Team – Quad Two

Summer Anderson
Team Lead / Student Success Coordinator / Career & College Transitions Coordinator

Morgan Otey Small
Morgan Otey

Student Success Coordinator / Specialized Student Services / Social Studies Specialist
Gabby FK
Gabby Frenstad-Kirk
Student Success Coordinator / Theatre Arts Specialist / Specialized Ed. Reading Support
Derrick Jones
Student Success Coordinator / Specialized Ed.  Services Coordinator
Christine Tang
Student Success Coordinator / Science Specialist

Education Team- Quad Three

Tyler Pilz
Tyler Pilz
Team Lead / Student Success Coordinator / Science Specialist

Steve Jackson
Transitions Specialist / Restorative Practice Specialist / Coach
Heidi Rybarczyk
Heidi Rybarczyk
Student Success Coordinator / Restorative Practice Specialist / Science Specialist

Bret Running
Student Success Coordinator / Specialized Ed. Services Coordinator / Social Studies Specialist

Caitlin Ekren
Academic & Instruction Coordinator / Student Success Coordinator / Language Arts Specialist
Alicia Tracy
Alicia Tracy
Career & College Transitions Coordinator / Work-Based Learning Coordinator / Specialized Student Services

 Schoolwide Education Support

Sarah Sannes
Licensed School Counselor / Career & College Transitions Specialist /
School Assessment Coordinator / Social Studies Specialist
Donna YoungDonna Young
Speech & Language Pathologist /
Specialized Ed. Due Process Facilitator
Sarah Haley
Sarah Haley
Americorps Promise Fellow

Jamar Nelson
Americorps Promise Fellow

A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12