Brandon Wait

Brandon Wait joined Paladin’s team in 2008 however, his involvement within the field of education has spanned for over fifteen years. Brandon has notable experiences in a variety of sectors including non-profits, public schools, juvenile interventions, and social services. Brandon has a strong background in student social and emotional health and has helped with creating a supportive and brave learning community at Paladin. Brandon believes in a school community that educates the whole child and meets the individual needs of each student. He is a leader in implementing trauma-responsive and restorative practice approaches in schools. As a school leader, Brandon utilizes a collaborative approach to make ethical and informed decisions. He encourages the school’s staff, educators, and leadership team to put the interests of the students first and to make equity a priority.
Brandon is a relationship first person, so if you’d like to learn more about Brandon or Paladin, call the school and set up an appointment. Brandon’s favorite part of any day (besides issuing a high school diploma) is his passion for giving school tours and talking about school innovative education practices. Brandon is passionate about his work but when he is not at Paladin, you can count on him being outside (no seriously, he loves the outdoors). He is likely hiking, biking, climbing, playing broomball, or on his yoga mat and is committed to growing a quality beard.


A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12