Tanna Gavin

Tanna Rittmaster

Tanna Gavin joined the Paladin family in 2014 after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Youth Studies. Her focus is on relationship building and getting students excited and engaged in the classroom. Tanna recognizes that her classroom is made up of much more than mere students, but brilliant individuals whose different life experiences and perspectives, collectively, lend for a diverse and enriching learning environment.

Tanna’s goal is to get students to smile and feel comfortable in her presence and hopes the student looks forward to coming to school. Tanna took a year off in the 2019-2020 school year to travel abroad and expand her knowledge of the world. She is thrilled to be back with her Paladin family as a Student Success Coordinator.

email: tanna.rittmaster@paladincareertech.com

A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12