Bret Running

Bret Running

Bret is beginning his eighth year at Paladin as a Special Education Teacher. He very much enjoys helping students find the strategies that can best help them overcome their educational challenges. Bret commits himself to doing all that he can to make it possible to deliver services to the students on his caseload in the General Education setting, as he believes that they will make the most gains once they discover that, with just a little extra support, they can meet and even exceed their learning goals. This year, Bret will be applying this concept more visibly as he will be using a “Teacher’s Desk on Wheels.”

In addition to his Special Education Teaching duties, Bret takes time to fit some of his outside interests into Paladin’s educational programming. He is available to help students learn how to play guitar, use a sewing machine, or help a group of students figure out how to earn Language Arts Elective credit by playing Dungeons & Dragons.

email: bret.running@paladincareertech.com

A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12