Grace Stewart

Grace Big

email: grace.stewart@paladincareertech.com

Grace Stewart facilitates awareness practices that quickly and effectively give new tools and ways of accessing interior resources for handling stress, depression academic obstacles, life obstacles, anxiety, trauma, etc. and to re-orient oneself with the relationship to any given personal challenge into an experience of empowerment of realizing there are internal realities waiting to be discovered that are an antidote to any challenge, even if at first glance the challenge seems unchangeable. With this new confidence of an interior storehouse of “human resources” that we as humans each have unique multitudes; it can then follow to engage one’s world in a new way, to be empowered to genuinely take on a fresh and new direction or dimension.

Grace Stewart graduated from her Alma Matter with honors at the College of Wooster in Religious Studies, and additional studies in Tibetan language and poetry, and has been facilitating personally tailored awareness practices with both the professional sector and with children since 1990. ​Being exceptionally committed to developing and establishing pathways in what is a nascent field of how meditation/awareness is taught ​she​ has traveled ​and stayed in​ the Himalayas for a year to learn from​ teachers holding​ traditions highly regarded for their long standing ​lineage and​ expertise in meditation and awareness practices. Meditation/ awareness practice is an invaluable tool for resilience that our children need and it appears they actually enjoy​ and value being introduced to this tool of becoming familiar and skilled in the act of discovery of these aspects of their human potential and intuitive nature.

A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12