Jim Kilkenny


Jim is a Vietnam veteran who entered the teaching profession to find ways to meet the needs of children and to find ways to reduce conflict.  Over the years, he moved from a stellar social studies teacher to a facilitator, who assisted students to learn and overcome stress. Once in the classroom, he noted young men and women who were very knowledgeable yet could not read or take written tests. He became a special educator. Seeing difficulties in dealing with students involved with learning difficulties both academic and behavioral from a school wide perspective, Jim went into alternative education. He began schools for the Zumbro Education District and for the Department of Human Resources and Menomonie School District in Wisconsin to form the Lucas Charter School. It became apparent to Mr. Kilkenny that alternatives and choices held more promise for the students he wanted to reach.

email: jim.kilkenny@paladincareertech.com

A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12