Conferences & Meetings

Spring Conferences will take place on April 5th, 2021.

In order to best accommodate your family’s needs, this year conferences can be scheduled to take place either in-person at Paladin or remotely over Google Meet. If the scheduled date (April 5th) does not work for you or your student, we may be able to offer flexibility in rescheduling between April 6th Р9th.

You and your student will meet with your Student Success Coordinator to discuss your student’s learning, look through their projects, and review progress reports. This is their chance to show you all the work they have done this year. Your input will be important for setting their individual learning goals for the remainder of the year.

NOTE: Did you know that in accordance with Minnesota law, parents and guardians may request time off to attend conferences or school related events? As a parent or guardian, you should never be told by an employer that you cannot attend your child’s school conference. Attending your child’s school conferences or school related events can lead to positive changes in your child’s academics. We are here to help eliminate barriers to participating in your child’s schooling. Please reach out to the Paladin Care Team for further resources.

Success Coordinator Contact Information & Conference Room Links

Caitlin Ekren
Christine Tang
Derrick Jones
Gabby Frenstad-Kirk
Heidi Rybarczyk
John Coleman
John Klockeman
Morgan Otey
Samantha Ross
Summer Anderson
Tanna Gavin
Tyler Pilz

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