Ejay Seiler

Ejay Seiler started at Paladin in 2013 shortly after finishing school at Bemidji State University. Ejay has always said that this place picked him and not the other way around. He is the Restorative Practice Coordinator and enjoys helping students work to become better individuals. He is passionate and loves the outdoors, hiking, camping and fishing. All of which happen at Paladin. Paladin has an experiential program that he often takes part in. Leading Nature hikes, going camping to the north shore and even ice fishing on Lake of The Woods.

Ejay is also a part of Acceleration, where students first start when they choose Paladin. He loves getting to know the new students and helping them to understand how it works at Paladin.

Lastly, Ejay is part of a Success team which is his favorite part of being at Paladin. He gets to work with a smaller group and students, helping to make sure they are improving a little each day. In school, classes and in life all together.

email: Ejay.Seiler@PaladincareerTech.com

A public charter school serving students in grades 9 – 12