Accountability and Policies

COVID-19 / 2020-21 Learning Plan

Paladin’s Distance Learning Plan (Rev. 4.5.2021)

Financial Information

Upon the request of an individual, Paladin Career & Technical High School must make available in a timely fashion financial statements showing all operations and transactions affecting income, surplus, and deficit during Paladin’s last annual accounting period.

2020-2021 Cash Flow (Through 6.30.21)
2020-2021 Financial Summary (Through 6.30.21)
2019-2020 Executive Audit Summary and Management Report
2019-2020 Financial Statements and Supplemental Information
EMO/CMO Management Letter

Annual School Report, Scorecards, and Reviews

Each year, Paladin Career & Technical High School evaluates the effectiveness of its programming and educational delivery methods, as well as the results from standardized testing and student support assistance. By aggregating the analytic data from each of these programs, Paladin can present a statistical snapshot of its students’ performance and growth.

2019-20 Annual Report (Web View) – Board Approved
2019-20 Annual Report (Print Quality) – Board Approved

IQS Annual Scorecard
2020-21 Annual IQS Review
Minnesota Score Card

World’s Best Workforce Report

In order to create the world’s best workforce, each year the Paladin Career & Technical High School board holds a public meeting, adopting a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning that is aligned with that goal. An annual report on the previous year’s goals, outcomes and strategies can be found below.

2019-20 World’s Best Workforce Report Summary

IQS Schoolwide Improvement Plan (Authorizer)

As an independent charter school, Paladin Career & Technical High School has the ability to adapt to meet the needs of its students from year to year. Supported by data-driven practices, Paladin administrators, and teachers take efforts every year to shape the curriculum, support systems, and incentive programs available in order to best meet students’ needs. Each year, a site improvement plan is developed in conjunction with Paladin’s authorizer, IQS, and approval from the charter board.

2019-20 Schoolwide Improvement Plan

ESSA School Improvement Plan

Under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Paladin—in partnership with stakeholders (including principals and other school leaders, teachers and parents)—must locally develop and implement a school improvement plan for the school to improve student outcomes.  The School Improvement Plan answers the question, “How are we going to get to where we want to be?” The Plan is written to achieve the vision of the school and is about keeping the entire system together and moving forward.

2018-19 School Improvement Plan

Title I and Title II

Paladin Career & Technical High School has implemented a Title I schoolwide program (SWP) in order to address and reform its educational practices in regards to providing all students with equitable support and opportunities for academic success. By prioritizing educational resources for students with additional needs, particularly those with proficiencies below grade-level, who may struggle with homelessness or poverty, and who would otherwise be disadvantaged in an unaccommodating environment, Paladin strives to fairly offer the highest quality learning to all its young people.

School Support Notice: Comprehensive Support and Improvement
District and School Parent and Family Engagement Policy


Student Bullying Prohibition Policy
Paladin’s Section 504 Compliance Policy
Educational Technology Appropriate Use Policy
PCTHS Board Bylaws

Commitment to Equity and Anti-Racism

Our commitment to identify and eliminate any and all practices within our school community rooted in implicit bias, discrimination, systemic racism, and/or implications of oppression contrary to our mission; and to support the lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), thereby improving the lives of all students.

Paladin Board Approved Commitment to Equity and Anti-Racism


Paladin Career & Technical High School Student Handbook
Paladin Career & Technical High School Employee Handbook

Testing and Assessments

2020-21 Paladin Testing and Assessment Letter
2021 MCA Testing Letter

Parent/Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing Form

Complaint Procedures 

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