Paladin Career and Technical High School is a non-profit public charter school overseen by an elected board of directors. Board terms are for three years, with elections held annually.

The board is comprised of five members, with at least one licensed teacher employed at the school, one parent or legal guardian of a currently enrolled student, and one community member.

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors

Frank Stucki  –  Board Chairman | Community Member
3 Year Term Ends June 30, 2022
Background: School Founder, Creighton University Alumni, Real Estate, Vietnam Veteran, Owner of Century 21 Stucki & Associates, and Owner of Lifetime Learning Educational Software (installed on every army base in the world).
Expertise: School Finance, Employment Law, Board Governance, School Law, Business Management, and Education Policy
763-786-4799  |  fstucki@PaladinCareerTech.com

John Klockeman  –  Board Vice Chair  | Teacher Member
3 Year Term Ends June 30, 2024
Background: Paladin Mathematics Teacher for the past nine years, Professional Architect, and Hobby Farmer
Expertise: School Architecture, Nonprofit Boards, Strategic Planning, School Finance, and Teaching
763-786-4799  |  John.Klockeman@PaladinCareerTech.com

Sarah Sannes –  Teacher Member
3 Year Term Ends June 30, 2022
Background: Paladin Educator for the past seven years, Teacher, School Counselor, and Travel Enthusiast
Expertise: School Academics, School Assessments, Strategic Planning, Career Fields/Technical Trades, and Social/Emotional Health for Students
763-786-4799  |  Sarah.Sannes@PaladinCareerTech.com

William Best  –  Secretary, Treasurer | Community Member
3 Year Term Ends June 30, 2024
Background: Local Banker, Community Member, and Arizona Sunshine lover
Expertise: Finance, School Finance, Organizational Management, Business Management, and Community Relations
763-786-4799  |  William.Best@PaladinCareerTech.com

Kelly Leuca  – Parent Member
3 Year Term Ends June 30, 2023
Background: Current Paladin Parent, Masters in Special Education
Expertise: Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofit Boards, Special Education, and Supporting Families Struggling Financially and Overcoming Homelessness
763-786-4799  |  Kelly.Leuca@PaladinCareerTech.com

In 2022, two board positions will be up for election. These are a teacher member position, and a community member position. If you are interested in learning more about board membership, please contact Eric Gieseke at Eric.Gieseke@paladincareertech.com.

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